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Heart Behind Hustle® Podcast: Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Lifestyle for Impact-Driven Coaches and Experts

Jul 28, 2017

Selena Soo is a business & publicity strategist. She is also the creator of Impacting Millions -- an online program and community for experts, authors, and coaches looking to elevate their brands, reach more people, and change the world.

She is a 7-figure business owner, and is passionate about helping mission-driven entrepreneurs grow their revenues and their impact.

Her work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Inc, and Business Insider.


0:34 Selena talks about achieving a 5 year milestone of owning and running her own business and reminisces on what she has achieved and overcome in the entrepreneurial game.

1:25 Selena give a rundown on her business and the services she offers for her clients which consist of 3 online programs:

  • 1.Impacting Millions: All About Publicity and reaching the mass with your message
  • 2.Influence: Networking and building 1-on-1 relationships
  • 3.Get Known, Get Clients: How to build your client list.

She also offers a speciality Mastermind with a business partner which is an invite only program for people who are earning at the 7 figure level. She’s looking into more options of how she can work with more people in the future.

3:26 Two impactful moments for Selena in her career:

  1. When launching her website; testimonials were given earlier on to her by Danielle Laporte and magazine editors which generated some excitement about her when she was new to the market.
  2. Her First Group Program: 2014 which lead her to making $150,000 

5:15 Selena starts to unpack the 5 key lessons that she has learned from running a business.

#1 - Client selection : Who you invite into your community and your space. It’s all good to hustle, niche and brand – if you are a service provider, coach or consultant it’s about your client success. Align yourself with amazing people who inspire you. Be strategic in how you market – you don’t want to market to a point where you’re attracting negative people to you. She talks about an experience she had with a client which lead her to develop a habit to to be very clear on intention to create the kind of community she wants.

8:24 Kamila talks about the red flags she looks for in sales calls when those who make enquires talk about previous courses and consultations  they have engaged in with other coaches claiming that none of it worked. Be cautious and mindful of the copy that you write.

9:03 #2 Courage brings you freedom.

It’s a hard one to master, especially for those who are inclined to be people pleasers.

She talks about a particular experience and ways to deliver this conversation.

Kamila asks whether there have been any negative or unpleasant repercussions as a result of ending a business or working relationship with them?

If it’s not working for the coach, it’s not working for the client either.  Intense feelings are likely to come up as people are unhappy when being told they can’t have something however the feeling of relief comes in after the conversation.

Being a sensitive person, Selena does at times feel nervous about having these conversations with people but once it’s done and it’s over, she feels better.

14:30 #3 Be careful about what you give

Even though she is someone passionate about going above and beyond to help people , she advices to be mindful about giving.

The most successful people in the world are givers, however that’s also the case for the most unsuccessful people in the world too. Be strategic and thoughtful about how you’re giving and expending your energy.

It’s about working on how to strike the right balance between giving value without giving away too much.

When sharing bonuses, make sure that they are complimentary to you’re actual offering, Ideally, they are quick and easy to consume and not too overwhelming to prevent people from actually consuming the actual course content.

21:20 How to manage Visibility while giving away content for free

Selena advises that if the content you put out is relevant to your purpose, it’s fine.

One of the most important things is to create emotional connection and you don’t necessarily need a lot of content to create that.

From a content perspective, it’s really important to share stories, it’s important to show people that you are someone who is relatable and gets what they’re going through. Once you like someone and you have that emotional connection, others want to be a part of whatever they are offering. Selene prides herself in the fact that she does less to achieve more in business. Because she’s giving so much, she has to be careful of where that energy is going.

25:28 Selena’s Favorite Marketing Strategy

Easiest marketing strategy because it doesn’t take up much time is photos that are taken at dinner parties with people of influence. These are loaded to Facebook and the attendees are tagged. It’s a great PR exercise to demonstrate to people to see who you’re connected with

27:24 #4 Staying In Your Zone Of Genius

Being overstretched can be an obstacle to being successful. A lot people feel the need to be everywhere and do everything and that slows down their business. Selena believes that one of the reasons to her speed is that she chooses to stay in her zone and not fill it with many things.

31;40 #5 Listen to The Market and Be Ready To Do The Opposite

To become an industry leader, you can’t be doing the same as everyone else.

Coaches, Mentors and existing clients told Selena that no one was going to buy the courses she said she was going to create on networking.

She talks about how she anchored self-trust, and started to observe what people wanted, what they connected and cared about and then found the right language to package it

Take peoples advice and suggestions to heart but at the same time, be willing to do the opposite thing. 

35:20 Times where it wasn’t what she hoped for

Overall, Selena’s products have done well, some haven’t gone as well as others. Her program which launched in 2014 doubled in attendees the following year, but halved.

36:55 Networking and Publicity

One of the best things she’s done for her business is really choosing

Niche, being collaborative and supported by lots of people

Niching down has been really powerful

38:40 The shift from 6 figures to 7

Selena’s shift into jumping into 7 figures of revenue was mainly through the Group Programs she holds. –

39:40 Things to Look Forward To

She wants to place a greater focus on her personal life, even though she loves working hard, she wants  more balance – going on holidays, rest.

42:00 A Special Gift For Our Listeners

Get VIP Access to Media Influencers and Online Stars with Selena’s special gift for you – her online video available here:

Hear the stories of how she built her networks over time.

43:00 More on Selena Soo

Listen to her podcast interviews to learn more about her