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Heart Behind Hustle® Podcast: Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Lifestyle for Impact-Driven Coaches and Experts

May 15, 2018

In this episode, we dig into Facebook groups for business! Lots of strategies, insider tips, and more in this episode around how to start, grow and manage your effective Facebook groups including the mindset necessary to see them thrive. 



Arne Giske is the leader of a 56,000 member community on facebook who specializes in helping entrepreneurs start, grow, and monetize groups. He's a digital nomad who travels all over and works from anywhere - and he's to hit 7 figures and 7 continents this year! He's always pushing his limits and helping others do the same so they can level up!


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Kamila Gornia, founder of the Heart Behind Hustle® movement, is the powerhouse business + marketing strategist for coaches and experts who want to amplify their income and impact online with leverage-based offers and authority marketing, while staying in integrity with their purpose and unique personality. She has been featured on Forbes, Inc.,, Huffington Post, and others.

Michelle Lewis, founder of Visibility Vixen® is a Visibility Expert who specializes in helping established entrepreneurs skyrocket their visibility, launch their unique show strategy and start landing press for their brand through her programs Visibility Vault and Visible Press. She is also the host of “The Visible Entrepreneur” podcast and has been featured on Entrepreneur On Fire, The Huffington Post, LadyBossBlogger and JustLuxe.