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Heart Behind Hustle® Podcast: Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Lifestyle for Impact-Driven Coaches and Experts

Aug 11, 2017

Kelly Ruta, is a seasoned therapist-turned-millionaire-mindset mentor for female entrepreneurs. Her style of coaching and speaking has best been described as “Gary Vaynerchuk meets Brene Brown”; ass-kicking with a heart.

Kelly’s 20 year career has been spent helping women rise above serious challenges and take back their businesses and lives. Her clinical and life experiences with diverse people and challenges make her uniquely qualified and an expert at helping women traverse the mindset obstacles that arise in today’s entrepreneurial world.

Kelly’s BIG WHY is to positively impact thousands of female entrepreneurs by mentoring them to become empowered leaders of purpose and mission driven businesses that change the world. When Kelly isn’t working, she is hanging with her husband and two sons, often on the baseball field but preferably on the beach with a good book and a journal.

2:05 Kelly didn’t always have it together, in fact she describes herself in her early 20’s as a “professional hot mess”.  She had a series of mental health issues including depression, a panic disorder and an eating disorder.  She eventually completed her education as a therapist.  She had become quite successful over the next twenty years but eventually something changed.  She didn’t wanted to be a therapist anymore.  She wanted to help women to create successful businesses.

6:22 Kelly was incredibly scared to create this new business.  She had little to no experience in the online sector but she was reminded by her husband that she was capable of anything once she set her mind to it. 

9:16 Being an entrepreneur means often stretching beyond your comfort zone.  Your comfort zone is a product of your ego which was constructed during your childhood.  You have to learn how to navigate your ego if you are going to get anything done. 

13:53 Typically Kelly will hear from her clients that they are “not enough”. Be it looks, wealth or intellect.  This is all fear based and while it’s OK to acknowledge your fear you can’t get into a conversation with your fear.  You will always lose that argument.

17:35 If you treat your mindset work like a diet you are going to see temporary results.  Instead, Kelly encourages her clients to utilize the toolbox she provides for them.  You can only find success with consistent work.

23:38 When you are brand new to business you have to survive the fear of the unknown.  There has to be clarity in what you are trying to achieve.  The idea that you have to sacrifice in a massive way to achieve big results is false.  You have to get a CEO mindset and begin to delegate and create the systems to take the pressure off yourself.  Women are often triggered by admitting to themselves that they want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  Changing that mindset is the best way to achieve success.

31:40 You have to lean into trusting yourself and others around you.  You have to trust that you can ask for the things that you want and that you’re are worthy of those things.  You can go after what you want and feel good about it.

33:40 Branching out and expanding your business can be incredibly difficult.  Burn out can be a huge problem.  By the time you achieve your goals you can find your relationships have become strained and your body is worn out.  Your life has to be designed around your business not the other way around if you are going to sustain your success.

38:56 Kelly often encounters people who are surprised at how uncomfortable it is to be an entrepreneur.  You have to become comfortable with discomfort if you are going to be successful.

Kelly has a gift for listeners. A five step lesson about how to shift your beliefs about anything that is limiting you.  Just join her Facebook group at Millionaire Mind Masters.