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Heart Behind Hustle® Podcast: Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Lifestyle for Impact-Driven Coaches and Experts

Aug 4, 2017

Today we're talking with Jenn Scalia, 7 figure entrepreneur, and CEO of Million Dollar Mommy. I've known Jenn for quite some time and it's been incredible to see the shifts she's created for her clients and in her own business. You'll love this episode where we discuss evergreen business models and more.


1:45 Jenn was working as a social media manager for a large casino when she was suddenly laid off.  She began doing some freelance work but soon decided to shift into life-coaching.  After the first year of her new business she decided to hire her first coach and that helped her to get some clarity on her life.

3:42 Mindset was key for Jenn to get ahead.  She had to believe that she could make a high level of income.

5:22 Jenn considers herself an introvert and for that reason one-on-one work was difficult for her.  Carrying the weight others success started to weigh on her so she moved to workshops instead of one-on-ones.

7:19 Jenn’s membership site has been online for two years now.  She decided to switch to a membership site because she was producing so much content she wanted to create a place where people could access it all at once.

9:00 Jenn believes strongly that creating a successful membership site is totally dependent on creating a great experience.  Her site is not just a lot of content.  Instead, she offers an experience that allows people to implement the lessons they have learned. People want to be a member of a community and want to be engaged

11:45  Paid advertising is key to getting people on her email list which she uses multiple times a week.  When it comes to social media she is militant about creating impactful livestreams or blog posts.  Stories are very important when communicating with people - personal stories that have nothing to do with business are much more likely to get shares and likes.

16:15 The support that she has around her is crucial to Jenn’s success.  She has an online business manager handling the tech stuff.  She also has a virtual assistant that handles her calls and appointments. She also has an in-person assistant that helps with the business and with childcare.

18:12 Jenn spends two to three hours a day on her mindset work.  For her it’s less about the doing and more about the being.

19:58. Jenn’s strongest driver at the beginning was to create something for her son.  Now her strongest driver is to help other people to create wealth through business.  Jenn defines freedom as doing the things she wants to do and not doing the things she doesn’t want to do.

22:40 Jenn’s mindset work focusses on journaling which she considers her visualization.  She writes about every aspect of her life from “what her life should be like” to “what her body should look like”.  It’s not just about business.  It’s her entire life.  She writes from the perspective of someone who has already accomplished her goals. 

26:06 Jenn believes that entrepreneurs making six figures will not be able to grow their business without a proper framework in place.  What got you to six figures is not going to get you multiple six figures.  You have to build a process and a framework that can be built upon.

Jenn has a gift for listeners, a six-figure mindset mini-course that can be found at