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The Kamila Gornia Show: Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Leadership with Heart Behind Hustle

Sep 18, 2017

It’s common for us entrepreneurs and leaders to be in the space of doing a lot of urgent tasks and strenuously focusing on the hustle and grind. Because of this, we can lose sight of the creative, fun, and exciting hustle that supports us in creating more flow. I want to challenge you to think a bit differently when it comes to your marketing, business strategy, and campaigns that you’re running.


We are so conditioned to follow steps, formulas, and systems; they have a time and place, but can't be all that we rely on.


It’s great to be able to simplify and automate things, and we do need systems to do that. But, when it comes to having more creativity and innovation in your business, you have to think differently. To start, you have to give yourself the space to do that. If you’re just working on the urgent tasks all day, every day, then there’s a problem. If you have business development time for yourself, then let’s make sure that the tasks you are doing are allowing you to be creative and step into that visionary role of your business and growth.


Something I’ve always liked to do is gain inspiration from what others are doing. If I appreciate something that they’re producing, I will get a spark for something that I want to create as well. Now I’m not the kind of person that will completely copy everything that someone else has done, and that’s it. That kind of process is very uninspiring to me personally.


That’s not to say that you can’t model after things like a successful sales funnel for example. With funnels, campaigns, launches, and offers there’s a significant portion that consists of the science and framework. But, there’s also the art and creative thinking that comes into play as well.


If you’re just blatantly copying someone else’s work, it feels uninspired, and the energy is typically lacking.


I want to make sure that you feel excited when it comes to your business. You should feel that creative, fired up energy that makes you want to keep going and going. What I like to do is combine a lot of the great ideas I see out there into this one thing, and then I think about how I can make it even better. How can I make this vision a little bit different and make it stand out?


There are many different ways you can do this. It could be on the forefront, in a visual way, or maybe you’re modeling after a successful framework for a sales page. I think conversion is crucial. But, if I’ve done the same thing over and over, eventually I’m going to want to test different ideas so that I can experiment and have fun in the process.


Then, I find the things that aren’t resonating with me or that I feel could be done differently to suit my personality and audience. It’s all about giving yourself that ability to shift and be flexible on what it is that you want to create for yourself. Before I move on, I want to give a small warning to those who may be newer in their business. I recommend that you follow more frameworks first so that you can create a baseline for yourself.


We can be creative and do things from scratch, but if you don’t have a framework at all and have never had any clients, don’t go creating a brand new launch in a brand new way with a brand new formula. It just doesn’t make sense.


You want to make sure that you have some frameworks in place and that you have a proven method. Once you have this established, you can tweak that method and use that space for being more creative. As much as I value innovation, I also think it’s important to be smart when it comes to your business. Be aware of what you’re doing, how you're operating, and make sure that your creativity is strategic; take calculative risks.


I love risks, but I’m always making sure that I’m not taking such massive risks that I could go under. I prefer to have space for creativity in a way that supports me and how I like to operate. I invite you to challenge yourself to think differently and to be that visionary that I know you are. I promise you that you’re going to be so much happier and have so much more fun and excitement in your business.